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For over three decades Bret Adams built a reputation as a national entertainment and sports attorney who has assisted his accomplished clients navigate these difficult practice arenas.

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Personal Management & Mediation

Bret Adams has represented many of the same clients that started with him in his first year as a practicing lawyer. As a boutique management firm he can provide the personal service necessary to maintain those clients over their entire careers. As an experienced attorney for over 30 years he adds legal knowledge unavailable to most managers and agents.

The vast personal career experiences of Bret Adams has enabled him to develop a mediation practice unparalleled in the mediation services business. He has worked with every aspect of the sports and entertainment world not only as an agent but developer of sports and entertainment venues. He understands business. His experiences from teaching contract law at the Ohio State University to arguing cases in Federal Court allow him to understand complex contractual issues. Issues far beyond the experiences of Judges elected or appointed without experience in the State of Ohio.

If you desire an inexpensive alternative to litigation, and resolutions that are immediate and efficient, Bret Adams should be that mediator.

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