Personal Career Representation

Since its inception in 1984 Adams Partners Ltd has represented players, coaches, GMs and broadcasters from the beginning of their careers through and beyond retirement, advising on all aspects of professional development, contract negotiation, endorsements and personal branding.

Professional Mediation

As sports entrepreneurs, professional agents, the legal and business development group at Adams Partners Ltd has the ability to mediate contract and business disputes with a business-savvy edge. Individuals and organizations have sought out Adams Partners Ltd for representation on matters involving sports and entertainment issues.

Professional Career Consulting

Career professionals often do not require day to day management, but do seek career advice on a case by case basis. Given the experience of the principals of Adams Partners Ltd, the company is equipped to provide specific and results-driven career guidance.

Entertainment & Venue Consulting

Adams Partners Ltd works with many entertainment and sports venues to guide them through legal and business issues. As owners and developers of several entertainment venues, the principals of Adams Partners Ltd offer an edge to representation not many in the space are capable of providing, simply because they have been there and done that.

Sports & Team Consulting

Adams Partners Ltd has represented multiple sports franchises through various legal and business issues. Sports franchises trust Adams Partners Ltd to provide sound advice and counsel, as the principals have held ownership stakes in several sports teams and know what it takes to get through issues quickly and cost-effectively.

Development & Real Estate Consulting

Cary Campbell heads the Development and Real Estate team as Cary has been involved in high profile regional and national development projects for sporting venues, concert venues and residential development projects.